Showbox for iPhone and iOS Devices


Showbox for iPhone and iOS devices was once freely available in App Store, but it was removed from Apple’s official App Store due to some restrictions and issues.

As for now, unfortunately, it’s too complicated to get the original Showbox iOS app installed and running on iPhone or iPad, but there is a new app for iOS devices that is a Showbox version of Apple’s iOS called MovieBox.

For installing Showbox on iPhone/iPad, you should need another app (emulator for Apple devices) that helps you to get Showbox apk.

Showbox on iOS Features and Details:

    • This app allows you to download videos from an Apple device.
    • This app offers fresh daily content for free in all languages and worldwide.
    • You can save/download the content for free to watch and enjoy later.
    • You can read feedback and write your comments.
    • Easy to install without jailbreak and no need for Apple ID to log in.
    • Compatible with the latest iOS (iOS 10 to 16) and devices like iPhone 13 and 14.
    • Simple and friendly User Interface.

showbox for iphone

How to Get Showbox for iPhone?

To get Showbox for iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you have two options: Jailbreak your iPhone and install it via Cydia market fast and easily or…

If you don’t want to Jailbreak your iOS device, there is another way. You can download TutuApp, Vshare, or Emus4u, which doesn’t require Jailbreak and can be installed even easier than Cydia.

After getting TutuApp, Vshare, or Emus4u on your iPhone, you can easily find and install MovieBox(the ShowBox app for iPhone and iPad).

showbox for iphone

What is TutuApp, and Is It Safe to Use?

TutuApp is a highly-rated App Store, 100% trusted by security experts and users.

The developers ensure your safety from malware and viruses by constantly testing and monitoring the application.

However, it is recommended that you install the VPN app from within TutuApp to ensure an even better online experience.

TutuApp recently switched to an iOS-only VIP model at $18.99/year. To install TutuApp, subscribe to a plan to use it on iOS.

Showbox for iPhone

How to Install TutuApp on iOS Device?

To install TutuApp for iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open Safari browser and go to:

  • Click the Download VIP link at the top.

  • When prompted, tap Install.

  • Your iPhone will ask if it’s ok to download the profile. Click Allow.

  • Go to Settings > Profile Downloaded. Click the Install link at the top right.

  • Press Enter.

  • A window appears asking if you want to install the profile. Click Install.

  • Safari will automatically open with a pop-up window waiting for you. Click Continue.

  • Choose a plan for 1, 2, or 3 years. You can also sign up for a lifetime plan.

  • Select a method and enter payment information.

  • Once the payment is complete, you will see the TutuApp icon on your home screen, ready to use.

How to Download Showbox for iPhone/iOS from TutuApp?

1. Open the app and navigate to the TutuApp category.
2. Using the Search box, take a look at MovieBox Pro.

Showbox for iPhone

3. Click on the app name and click on install to download the app needed.

Showbox for iOS

4. Click on Allow or Install on the dialogue box that comes up next, captioned “Do you want to let TutuApp install MovieBox Pro VIP on your iPhone?”

Showbox iPhone

Now, you can check out the installation progress from here or from the home screen of your iOS device.

5. Once the installation is completed, to run the app, please navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management on the device.

Download Showbox for iPhone

6. Select “Trust the profile of MovieBox Premium for Free.”

Now the process of installing MovieBox on iOS from TutuApp is completed. You can launch the app and stream your favorite movies or TV shows on iPhone/iPad without ads. Enjoy free movies!

How to Download Showbox for iPhone/iOS Using Emus4u App?

Emus4u app is a third-party installer that gives you access to several applications unavailable on the App Store for iOS devices.

emus4u download

To use the Emus4u app to get free movie apps like Showbox for iPhone, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit to download it.
  • After downloading, you will be notified that a configuration profile is being installed. Click “Allow” on this pop-up window.
  • Now, press “Install” at the top right corner of the next screen that appears to install the downloaded file (Emus4u).
  • Once done, you can open the Emus4u application.
  • From inside the app, please search for the “Moviebox” app.
  • From the options, press “Get” beside it to start downloading the Moviebox.
  • You will get another pop-up. Just click on “Install” on that to start the Moviebox downloading.
  • Once the Moviebox download is finished, you must change something in your device settings before you open the app. Go to “Settings,” then “Profiles & Device Management.” You’ll see another popup and click Trust at the device management stage.

That’s all done! You have completed downloading Showbox for iPhone. You can now watch unlimited movies and get the best experience as in Showbox apk (Android version).

How to Download Showbox for iPhone/iOS Using vShare App?

To get the Showbox for iPhone/iOS devices, you can also use vShare, a popular third-party app used to install Moviebox on the iOS platform.

download vshare for ios

To get vShare on your iPhone, do the following steps:

  • Using a web browser like Safari to download the vShare app. You can download it through this link.
  • After downloading it, install it on your iPhone/iOS device.
  • From inside the app, navigate to the search bar and input “Movie Box.”
  • You will see the MovieBox app appear as one of the options. Tap on that, then installs it.
  • Once this is done, you can run MovieBox on your iOS device.

Showbox for iPhone - FAQs

What is Showbox for iPhone/iOS in 2023?

You can watch HD quality videos and the latest TV Shows on the Showbox apk for iPhone and iOS. It does not require you to log in to any account on your Apple device at the watching time.

Can I download ShowBox for Apple?

Yes, you can easily install the Showbox apk for Apple devices (iPhone and iOS). You can also search this app for PC and other smartphones like Android. This app runs through an emulator that helps for the installation and playing and easy to use as well.

Is ShowBox Safe to Use in 2023?

This is the most attractive and friendly app for any iPhone user. It allows Apple iOS devices and android apps to play for free. You can watch millions of HD movies and other content like TV Shows, cartoons, film trailers, etc. The way of downloading and playing is safe and tested perfectly!

What is the size of the Showbox APK?

The size of the Showbox app is 37MB. And this app is free and easy to use. It covers less space for your iOS device. You can download it from our site with the below link.

Download Showbox for iPhone