MovieBox Pro - Free Movie App for iOS and Android Devices


MovieBox Pro is the top movie streaming & download app available for Android, iOS(iPhone/iPad), Windows PC, Android TV, Apple TV & Mac. With the MovieBox pro app, you can watch Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, anime, Serials, and TV episodes for free!

MovieBox Pro is a new updated working version of the original Movie Box. It is the best application to Watch HD Movies & TV Shows on Smartphones. The New Pro version comes with better UI, more movies, TV Channels, more devices & platforms support, new features, and most importantly – MovieBox Pro is 100% working in 2024!

Download Moviebox Pro

MovieBox Pro Download

You can download MovieBox Pro for your device for free and watch unlimited movies and serials on your Mobile Smartphone, Computer, or Smart TV!

You need to select your platform, device, and OS to download the right file for you. For example, Android users need MovieBox Pro apk or MovieBox apk for Android TV, while iOS users need to sideload MovieBox Pro for iPhone or iPad. For PCs & laptops, you can download with Microsoft Windows 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

Click on the below button to go to the Showbox Moviebox Pro page.

Download Moviebox Now

After you choose your device/platform above, you can easily download the MovieBox app and start watching movies and TV for free!

MovieBox Pro download is free and easy from this page; however, keep in mind they now require you to log in to their app using your Google account as they are now “invite only” movie solution, calling it “private garden.” Unlike Showbox, which was practically the same as MovieBox, a new version of Movie Box Pro requires authorization and is available by invitation only.

Unfortunately, the Moviebox Pro app isn’t available through Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store but don’t worry; you can download apk and ipa file from this page!

MovieBox Pro iOS

Moviebox Pro Apk for Android Phone

Android is the most popular operating system on smart devices such as smartphone, tablet and even TVs, powering more than 60% of smart devices! If you’re one of the Android’s users Moviebox has good news for you! You can download Moviebox pro apk for your Android device and watch movies for free.

Android mobile app comes with probably the best interface you’ll see in Movie Box or any other movie streaming app such as Netflix or even Zinitevi. Mobile app supports all features including movies download, online streaming, SUB/DUB support and everything you’ll ever need.

You can download Movie box app for Android smartphone or tablet with apk and install it as regular apk, it will work fine even in 2023.

Moviebox Apk for Smart TV

For Smart TVs, Android is the most common OS, even beating Samsung’s smart TV OS and Apple TV.  To get the Moviebox app on Android TV, you need to download a special Movie box apk designed for SmartTV and sideload it on your Android TV.

Moviebox Android TV app has a different interface than the mobile app, with larger buttons and optimized controls for TV Remote and non-touch devices. You can also get this apk on your Android-powered Smart TV Box such as Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Moviebox Pro Ipa for iPhone/iOS

Moviebox has always been go to movies app for iOS users and 2024 is no exception! You can still watch your favorite movies and serials on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV thanks to Moviebox Pro for iPhone.

Unlike Android, iPhone and iPad can’t directly install apps with Ipa file, so you need to sideload Moviebox on iPhone with help of third-party iOS apps like Cydia Impactor or AltStore which allows ipa installation without Jailbreak.

If you have Jailbroken iOS device you can download the Moviebox Pro iPhone IPA file and install it directly with no issues. Moviebox Pro iOS app works fine on all modern iPhones and iPads.

Moviebox Pro for Apple TV

If you have Apple’s Smart TV, you are in luck because recently Movie box developed an app especially for Apple TVs so you can stream, watch and download any movie right on your Apple TV!

To get the Movie box Pro app on your Apple TV, you don’t need to use a mobile phone as it is a fully featured, standalone app for TV. All you need to do is to sideload compatible ipa file on your TV settings and start streaming right away!

Please make sure you have latest iOS version as app may not be compatible with older versions, at least iOS 15 is recommended.

Moviebox Pro for Windows PC

After mobile smartphones, PCs are the most used devices on earth, and watching movies on a 4K PC monitor or nice laptop is way better than the little phone screen. If you want to watch and download movies on your computer easily, Moviebox has got you covered!

You can download Moviebox pro app for PC and install it easily on Windows with a .exe file. The PC version is suitable for mouse-click use, but if you got a touchscreen laptop, the Moviebox Pro app for PC is also very well optimized for touches.

Moviebox - FAQ

Is MovieBox Still Available?

Yes. The movie box is still available and 100% working in 2024. However, now it requires an invite to a private garden using your Gmail/Google account.

Yes, Moviebox Pro is 100% free to use and you don’t need to submit payment or subscribe to monthly fees like other premium apps such as Hulu or Amazon Prime.

What can I Use Instead of MovieBox?

If for some reason you don’t like Movie box you can always use Moviebox alternatives such as Showbox (the most popular in the US ).

How to Install Movie Box Pro iOS?

To install Movie box Pro on iOS devices you can use Cydia or similar apps.

Yes, Moviebox Pro was shut down for some time due to Copyrighted materials but now everything is fixed and it is back, 100% working on any device.

Is Moviebox Pro Mac App Available?

Yes. you can download the Movie box Pro Mac app and install it on your MacOS device

Are there any Paid Alternatives to the Moviebox Pro?

Yes. The best Movie Box alternatives are Netflix, Hulu, and CinemaBox.